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Web App 💻 2.21.124 (10/07/19)

  • #4573 Fix for scenario where user could not log in to the app even with the correct credentials

  • #4657 Turn on event subscription for new trials by default and add trial CTA in app.dash

  • #4886 Updated design and reduced sensitivity of the internet disconnect banner

  • #5202 Fix for scenario where GEM edits made in one row were appearing in another row

  • #5206 Added search to archived events in app.dash

  • #5273 Added new opt-in banner to encourage users to switch to the new app.dash

  • #5367 Fix for being unable to zoom out on mobile guest pass

  • #5375 Removed "Create Account" link on the login page

  • #5380 Fix for scenario where you can't hard delete events in app.dash 

  • #5386 Fix for scenario where deleting rows in a GEM filtered state still show up after clear filter

  • #5431 Fix for validating legacy teams 

  • #5434 Fix for scenario where reordering rows and making edits can cause row order to be lost

Web App 2.21.119💻 (10/07/19)

  • #4257 - Fix for bug where duplicating a large event can cause the duplication banner to persist for always & eternity

  • #5029 - Fix for a scroll loop bug that could occur in Prompter view

  • #5151 - Added indexing to global element queries

  • #5162 - Fix for TypeError in featured view

  • #5211 - Added support for preloading templates in free trials based on industry selected in signup

  • #5231 - Fix for deleting multiple rows in bulk in GEM causing a major CPU usage spike

  • #5245 - Fix for being unable to create events in app.dash

  • #5247 - Fix for socket disconnect & slow loading when loading large element sets & shows

  • #5248 - SSO configuration changes for Accenture & Tennis Australia

  • #5262 - Support for new event export script with new data

iOS 1.7.31 📱 (09/09/18)'s been a while.  We didn't forget about you, we just got busy with other stuff.  We've hired more people, released new features, went to a lot of trade shows, our designer tripped on a rug and dislocated his knee, and so on.  

But we have a nice update for you that we hope you'll enjoy.  And don't worry, we won't let it go so long between updates again.

• Added pinch and zoom for pinching and zooming
• NEW UI for following a Showcaller
• NEW UI for notifying you when a Showcaller starts broadcasting their position
• Moved item run time to the new bottom tracking pane
• Improved experience when tracking through large shows
• Added pull to refresh in the cue sheet
• Squashed lots of bugs
• Fixed lots of crashes
• Performance improvements

Web App 💻 2.21.110 (8/29/19)

  • #4376 - Fix for an scenario where the global element insert modal wouldn't always load all elements

  • #5161 - Fix for a TypeError in Prompter View

  • #5198 - Added new "In trial" variable for all new team signups.  You can set them as being in trial in Fosho on their license page, and see that variable in Intercom and Hubspot

Web App 💻 2.21.108 (8/12/19)

  • #3924 - Fix for scenario where certain XLS exports would fail

  • #5157 - Fix for PDF Export edit mode not being scrollable in the newest version of Chrome

[👾BETA 👾] Dashboard Redesign 8/1/19

An all new dashboard redesign making navigation between teams, events and shows much easier. Included in this are some great new features as well:

  • Simpler Navigation

  • New create event form: Event location using google API for quicker venue locations, include multiple show & schedule templates on creation.

  • Team Templates

  • Last modified date/time for shows, schedules, & lists within events

  • New invite crew process allowing to search previous crew. 

  • Ability to hard delete events permanently.

Team Templates

Save newly created shows, schedules, lists as templates allowing for quick and easy reuse.

New Team Dashboard

New Invite Crew
Search previous crew as well as add new with an a simplified new invite process.

[⚡️New Feature⚡️] PDF Export (new)  (5/9/19)

Very excited to roll out our new PDF export feature which includes a lot of new functionality to continue to help your important printing needs on site. Here is a list of some new functionality for a an in depth over view - learn more

  • Custom Page Breaks - Preview pdf and define multiple page breaks to make sure everything you need is where you need it. ⚡️

  • New Page Sizes - including A4 and A5 for all our international customers 😊

  • Edit & Preview Mode - This allows you to preview the PDF before downloading. Great for seeing default page breaks & adding custom ones!

  • Saved Presets - You can save a new preset by simply customizing your export and then opening the presets drop down at the top left, then click on the Create New Preset option. You can switch between presets by using that same drop down list.

[⚡️Improvement⚡️] Global Element Update (11/7/18)

After a lot of feedback from you all we've made some significant updates to the Global Element Manager (GEM) Learn More
Some highlights: 

  • Multi Tag functionality to elements. (removed categories)

  • Column Headers brought into GEM page.

  • Distinguish active vs inactive elements in insert modal w/ purple font color

  • New # indicator for how many times an element is active in a show

  • Delete elements from GEM insert modal

  • Search filter in GEM for quickly finding elements. 

  • Generate guest pass of GEM

  • Tags included in Exports & Guest Pass (from GEM page)

  • Create new tags in GEM (filter by tag > start typing new tag)

[⚡️New Feature⚡️] Display & Prompter View (9/26/18)

We're really excited to share two new views in Shoflo to enhance your live experience. 

Display View (learn more)
Is designed to be sent to an external monitor in a video wall, presenter lounge, or well anywhere! Pick a show caller to follow & one department column. This view will help crew or talent see in real time where you are at in Show from a larger distance as the font sizes are much larger than standard grid view. 

  1. Prompter View (learn more) Isn't just another teleprompter software... well i guess it is BUT, the value of ours is it is integrated directly with your run of show. That means no more updating multiple files and  🙏

Web App 💻 (6/20/19)

#4575 - Fix for scenario where the app would suddenly log out
#4828 - Removed trial banner from display view

Web App 💻 (4/16/19)

 #4173 - Updated PDF exports so timing columns will no longer be before the item column
#4365 - Fix for annoying scroll bars in Prompter & Display View
#4603 - Fix for scenario in PDF Export (beta) where multiple users exporting at the same time could overwrite each other's export settings
#4679 - Tracking a row as a show caller will now auto select the item cell of the newly tracked row
#4680 - Updated cell tabbing so that when the user reaches the end of a column, it will no longer tab to the next row.  Instead it will end at the last cell in that row
#4687 - Added timestamp to bottom of PDF Export (beta) exports
#4701 - Fix for scenario where side panes in Prompter View would close even if the user was hovered over them
#4709 - Fix for overlapping profile name in the side nav
#4720 - Fix for column widths not being exported properly

Web App 💻 (4/08/19)

Fix for an issue where dropdowns and cell edit mode could be mispositioned

Web App 💻 (3/29/19)

#4706 - Fix for an issue where Chrome 73 broke scrolling in PDF Export (beta)
#4717 - Fix for an issue where a large number of hi-res images in a show caused the show to be unusable

Web App 💻 (3/14/19)

#3043  - Fixed bug - Typing & entering edit mode in Chrome was missing the second character
#4499 - Fixed bug - password creation not accepting @ as a special character
#4617  - Fixed bug - Quick Navigation menu in GEM does not render properly if there are many active shows and events
#4599 - Fixed bug - Typo: wrong form of its in restore folder modal
#3579 - Fixed bug -  Remove Permissions column title from Team Admins page
#4675 -Fixed bug - Adjust name placement to align with avatar even when name breaks to two lines
#4537 - fixed bug - Time of day and timestamp inconsistency
#4624 - Fixed bug - Flags in hidden clock times are still impacting time flow

Web App 💻 (1/17/19)

- #3394 - Fix for the blank area to the right of your event name still linking to the event dashboard

- #3530 - Fix for clicking anywhere on Upcoming Events tab opening the drop down on the team dashboard

-#3631 - The "Restore content" button in activity feed will no longer display for the most recent activity feed entry

- #3777 - Fix for being able to edit folders in past events
- #3943 - Fix for the time zone selector in event settings displaying the wrong time zone by default
- #4379 - PDF Export (beta) now includes the ability to set custom page breaks
- #4515 - Updated consistency around verbage on location & description in event dashboard
- #4526 - Removed "Spread the love" link from the side nav
- #4527 - Removed colorful onboarding banners at the top of the user dashboard
- #4528 - Removed loose/compact view toggle from the user dashboard
- #4529 - Removed captcha requirement when inviting crew & team admins

Web App 2.21.39 💻 (12/14/18)

  • #4279 - Fix for certain scenarios where the wrong date was being displayed for a show in the event dash

  • #4318 - Removed Create team account button from the side nav for all users

  • #4320 - Fix for up arrow flag in the time picker not always working

  • #4321 - Fix for hitting backspace in a time picking clearing the field.  It'll now just remove the last character.

  • #4331 - Fix for Word export not taking in to account reverse timing

  • #4340 - Fix for being unable to export to Word if an enabled column contained a base64 image

  • #4359 - Fix for Intercom bubble not appearing if you navigated from Prompter or Display view back to a regular show

  • #4363 - Fix for onboarding flow of display view not carrying over tracking settings when tracking was turned on

  • #4463 - Fix for being unable to delete a single row from GEM if it was the only row returned in the filtered view

  • #4503 - Fix for being unable to open the GE Insert Modal for some shows and element sets

  • #4419 - Fix for Generic & Personal PDFs not accounting for reverse timings

  • #4420 - Fix for Guest Pass not displaying the correct item numbers

  • #4421 - Fix for Generic & Personal PDFs not displaying the correct preset time calculations.

Web App 2.21.22 💻 (11/13/18)

  • #4460 - Fix for a bug around editing title rows in Schedules and Lists

  • #4469 - Fix for an intermittent issue around editing item titles in shows

Web App 2.21.20 💻 (11/7/18)

  • #3395 - Slightly increased the personal highlight thickness

  • #3892 - Fix for scenario where copying a duration cell and pasting it over another duration cell was clearing the contents of the last cell in that row

  • #3961 - Fix for really long doc names not properly truncating in certain areas of the app

  • #3980 - Added in passive showcaller tracking that is present in normal view to compact view

  • #3982 - Fix for normal view only showing humanized time even if the format was set to six digit time

  • #4035 - Fix for annoying viewport shifts when tracking where it was adjusting a user's viewport to their last selected cell

  • #4095 - Various global elements drag and drop enhancements

  - Added ability to delete a row from a show in the left pane of the insert modal
  - Added item numbers to left pane
  - When opening the insert modal the left pane should scroll to the current scrolled position of the show
  - Added more visual distinction to title rows in the left pane
  - Global elements in a show will now be purple in the left pane
  - Currently inserted global elements in the right pane will display the number of times that global element is present in your currently selected show

  • #4096 - Added back column headers to the global element manager

  • #4099 - Added a new alert to the "Save as new global element" modal that will alert a user if the new row they're attempting to save has a different column count than the element set they're saving it in to

  • #4120 - The user who creates an event will now default as the showcaller for that event

  • #4130 - Added in GEM multi tagging and removed categories from global elements.  All categories that were set on global elements were converted to tags

  • #4134 - Fix for various scenarios where changes to a show's structure could reset the edit state

  • #4169 - Restoring a cell edit history will automatically refresh the activity feed to display the new activity feed entry

  • #4170 - Fix for restoring a cell edit's history not restoring the color styles

  • #4185 - Added tags to global element manager export and guest pass

  • #4192 - Fix for adding a period to the item numbers field moving the cursor to the beginning of the field.

  • #4196 - Fix for undesirable viewport shifting when a user is viewing the bottom of a cue sheet and the showcaller makes an edit to a cell above the user's viewport

  • #4209 - Added search filtering to global element manager where the user can search for text in an item field and only return the global elements that contain that search term in an item field

  • #4210 - Fix for if you search for something that doesn't exist in the global element insert modal, it would return every result rather than no result

  • #4232 - Updated global element manager guest pass styling and added tags to guest pass

  • #4233 - Added new tag icon to hover of a row in the global element manager to allow the ability to add multiple tags to a global element

  • #4234 - Added ability to filter the global element manager by tag(s)

  • #4235 - Added ability to filter by tag(s) in the global element insert modal

  • #4236 - Updated design of the element manager tab on the team dashboard

  • #4243 - Various improvements to the publish everywhere modal

  • #4249 - Added "Update all global elements to the Manager" option in the row edit menu on any row so that when clicked, it'll send any updates to global elements to the global element manager

  • #4285 - Fix for bug around copying and pasting of cells being reversed when the range selection started at the bottom

  • #4327 - Fix for being able to enter edit mode of a private notes cell when that row is locked

  • #4342 - Fix for pilcrow not updating when content is updated in prompter view until a refresh

  • #4350 - Fix for bug where if you underlined only the first word in a cell it was incorrectly applying the underline to all text in that cell

  • #4353 - Fix for all options in the color picker for tags being black

Web App 2.21.12 💻 (10/3/18)

  • #4346 - Fix for a discrepancy in how certain rich text content was displayed in rendered mode of a cell vs edit mode of that same cell.

Web App 2.21.11 💻 (9/26/18)

  • #2535 - Release of Display View.  Learn more

  • #4000 - Release of Prompter View.  Learn more

  • #4222 - Fix for incorrect reporting of metrics in Global Element Manager.

  • #4241 - Performance improvements around dragging and dropping elements in the Global Elements insert modal.

Web App 2.20.6 💻 (7/25/18)

  • #3868 - Discrepancy between cell edit & rendered mode not allowing empty spaces

  • #4036 - Bug where undesired auto scrolling is making editing difficult in Schedules 

  • #4032 - Keyboard cursor now adjusts viewport in Global Element Manager

  • #4055 - Removed the "new" blue info box in invite crew

  • #4066 - Remove the "Global" element set prefix from GEM header 

  • #4051 - Fixed a bug where categories in Global Element Manager don't populate when moving from one element set to another or refreshing on a GE set 

  • #4150 - Fixed bug where the GEM tag color picker had a double pop over 

  • We hid the "Go to element manager" link in GEM insert modal when opened inside of GEM

  • #3876 - Fixed the bug where private notes were not being exported properly in Advanced Download 

  • #4138 - Fixed bug where Item numbers would sometimes display as NaN 

  • #4186 - Fixed bug where mobile web app would not auto scroll as the show caller advanced 

iOS 1.6.4 📱(7/7/2018)

• iPhone X Support

iOS 1.6.2 📱(6/5/18)

• Added support for the new reverse start & preset timing that we recently released in the web app. This allows you to have the start & preset times in your show calculate in reverse.
• All new users to the app will see our onboarding flow (existing users can see this by opening the side nav and tapping on "Onboarding").
• Adjusted the positioning of the row & cell edit icons to be center aligned. This should help with reaching the icons on larger devices with your thumb.
• Various styling improvements & enhancements.
• Fix for a rare crash that could occur when navigating from a show to the event dashboard after opening the iOS notifications.

Web App 2.20.2 💻 (5/31/18)

#2796 - added new reverse auto-timing functionality for start & preset time
#3825 - added ability to create, rename, and delete element sets
#4049 - Restricted ability to move rows, cut/copy/paste rows while in a filtered view in GEM

Web App 2.19.42 💻 (5/14/18)

#2541 - Fix for a rare CSV import error
#3182 - Fix for scenario where AM/PM could wrap to lines on PDF exports
#3437 - Fix for bug where clearing timestamps wasn't clearing the notes associated with them
#3512 - For for bug where certain logos weren't appearing on PDF exports
#3603 - Updated language & styling of event guest pass landing page info toolbar and footer
#3615 - Optimized the way certain toolbars presented on smaller screen sizes
#3650 - Fix for cell copy/cut dotted line selection state not appearing on grid item & description columns
#3667 - Fix for deleted templates showing up in the create new show from template modal
#3733 - Fix for an triggered by showing/hiding columns in grid
#3789 - Fix for rare issue where users couldn't copy/duplicate certain rows
#3799 - Fix for scenario where normal view wasn't sizing properly to display timing of elements
#3817 - Fix for duplicate event modal showing for teams not in subscription (now it will trigger the alert instead)
#3818 - Fix for a 403 error when tracking non admin users across shows in an event
#3819 - Updated create show modals to disable submit button until show name is filled out
#3872 - Fix for count of uncategorized elements being calculated incorrectly
#3882 - Fix for removing excess empty rows on csv import
#3887 - Updated and optimized Word export styling
#3939 - Duplicating events will now duplicate saved & template shows
#3948 - Fix for GEM publish modal showing past & deleted events
#3970 - Added tracking selector to featured view
#3986 - Fix for hitting save directly after editing start time picker not saving the change

Web App 2.19.25 💻 (4/9/18)

#2914 - Fix for some user profile images having an incorrect aspect ratio
#3494 - Improved drag & drop performance inside the Global Element insert modal
#3516 - Improved performance and messaging when duplicating events
#3665 - Updated terminology for preset type & duration type to be more consistent
#3669 - Fix for the duplicate event modal’s date pickers being cut off at the top of the screen
#3679 - Updated the cut/copy behavior to not persist when entering edit mode (your selection state on a copied/cut cell will go away when you enter edit mode).  Also removed the ability to bulk cut & paste cells.
#3698 - Added activity events when inserting & updating global elements in a show
#3714 - Fix for being unable to insert Global Element’s above the first row in the insert modal
#3732 - Fix for CSV Import failing when uploading an unsupported file type
#3739 - Fix for advanced export wizard not showing hidden columns
#3742 - Updated styling on selected item cells while the tracking bar is present
#3746 - Fix for in normal view, start times & item titles were not aligning left for contributors & read only
#3747 - Fix for an error generated when updating certain show settings
#3748 - Fix for preset time in normal view being incorrectly positioned
#3749 - Fix for switching item numbers from manual to auto not being real time for all users
#3753 - Fix for being unable to re-send pending team admin invites
#3755 - Updated styling on the “X” button on the top on boarding toolbar
#3779 - Added ability to select the Global Element Manager when publishing Global Element changes
#3795 - Added Global Element keyboard shortcut tips to row edit menus
#3805 - Fix for when making text only edits, activity feed was not tracking formatting changes in title or description cells
#3824 - Removed “BETA” tags for Global Elements
#3831 - Fix for submit button for CSV Import being shown before all columns were mapped/skipped
#3876 - Fix for private notes not being exported properly in the Advanced Export

iOS 1.4.4 📱(3/30/18)

• Added basic support for certain Global Elements actions.  This includes support for when Global Elements are inserted, deleted, and updated in the web app.
• Added in the same background color for the private notes column that you know and love from the web app.
• Added in a new background behind the row edit icons.
• When a deleted row is restored in the web app, it'll now restore in real time to the iOS app.
• Removed the default "Item" placeholder text when entering edit mode of an empty item title.
• Fixes a crash around trying to preview files uploaded to the root directory.
• Fixes an issue around not being able to see all of your events on the user dashboard.
• Fixes incorrect status bar scaling on plus sized devices.
• Fixes a rare crash that occurred on load of certain shows.

Web App 2.19.18 💻 (3/20/18)

  • Fix #3846 - Rare issue with images in PDF export

  • Fix #3845 - Issue with Bulk Cut & Paste actions across multiple cells of a row

iOS 1.4.1 📱(3/15/18)

  • Fixed an issue around column re-ordering and column width changes.

Web App 2.19.10 💻 (3/13/18)

  • #3253 - added new full screen browser takeover for internet explorer users (not supported)

  • #3730 - removed shotgun view icon from /responsive/table

  • #3438 - updated and improved our color logic to more accurately determine proper contrasting

  • #3663 - fix for GE insert modal bugs

  • #3713 - removed column headers from GEM guest pass and the "set visible columns" button in the GEM guest pass modal

  • #3766 - fix for a GE type error when clicking the globe icon while inside edit mode

  • #3549 - added a "create item" button for views in the GEM when a user filtered down to a state with no rows to give the user an action to take. furthermore, any rows created when in a filtered state will automatically apply the associated category or tag labels to the row upon creation

  • #3726 - fix for incorrect button styling in the save as new global element modal

  • #3509 - added the ability to switch between element sets from within the GEM

  • #3725 - removed the "save as new global element" menu option from within the GEM (any rows in the GEM are already global elements)

  • #3717 - fix for a cross-team GE insert modal state bug

  • #3716 - fix for being unable to properly insert global elements in to shows with only one row insidet the GE insert modal
    #3798 horizonal scroll bar hidden in GEM

  • Fixed various other bugs.

iOS 1.4.0 📱(3/10/18)

  • #3327 - removed lines around various things on plus sized devices

  • #3378 - fix for bulk row highlight actions performed in the web app not being real time to the web app

  • #3478 - fix for iOS column menu closing when you hide the column that was used to open the menu

  • #3477 - added ability to scroll the table when cell edit mode is open

  • #3546 - fix for incorrect bullet point styling

  • #3547 - fixed and updated various formatting

  • #3590 - mobile punch list
      - added back in cell selection state
      - added a slight background behind cell edit icons
      - fix for cell edit text input box being too small
      - fix for mis-aligned item numbers
      - column menu names now ellipse after two lines
      - fix for bug in signup with a space in the email

  • #3591 - fix for bug where the app would crash if you hit save on an empty cell without adding any content

  • #3596 - added user's email address to account settings

  • #3643 - fix for hiding times in the web app not being hidden in the iOS app

WebApp 2.19.1  💻  (2/22/18)

  • #3372 - fix for importing CSVs not showing up on the event dash until after a refresh

  • #3071 - retired the old event dash with tabs

  • #3535 - made tweaks to the app update banner so it'll now push content down, as well as added the option for silent updates where the banner won't appear

  • Various Other Bugs: #3529, #3539, #3540, #3541, #3543, #3608

iOS 1.3.2 📱 (2/10/18)

Greetings Shoflo'ers!  Valentines Day is right around the corner, so team Shoflo is shooting an arrow of love to the newest version of our iOS app!  Here's whats in this box of chocolates:

  •  #3410 - added new logic to better handle users returning to the app if the app was "asleep" or otherwise not active.  this should alleviate scenarios where you closed the app or locked your phone, then reopened the app later but would not always receive the latest version or any time real time edits

  •  #3469 - updated some basic iOS table formatting to more closely match the web app formatting (background colors, text colors, font sizes/weights etc).  Also updated the user & event dash font and overall padding to more closely match the Figma's.

  •  #3471 - added iOS user session meta data to bugsnag

  •  #3474 - fix for not being able to scroll to the bottom of lists on the event & user dashboards

  •  #3475 - added pull to refresh on user & event dashboard

  •  #3481 - fix for scenario where inviting a user to an event was crashing the app

  •  #3483 - fix for scenario where read only users could double tap on any cell to get in to edit mode.  this will still work for private notes.  the same applies to contributors as well, except they can't edit items

  •  #3497 - fix for some text not rendering in certain shows

  •  #3564 - fix for various bugs

  • default "item" text now appears in item cells that have yet to be edited

  • fix for when clearing a global highlight it was removing the cell backgrounds all together, now it will revert to the default cell BG color

  •  #3595 - fix for text inputs not rendering properly in landscape mode

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