Shoflo uses an archive system in order to prevent the accidental deletion of rundown, schedules, lists and other important documents. It allows you to archive unneeded files that you don't want cluttering your event dashboard. 

Archiving a Rundown, Schedule, or List

Archiving any file can be done easily from the event dashboard by clicking the ellipsis to the right of that file and selecting the archive button marked by the trash can icon. Any archived rundowns, schedules, or lists can be seen in the Archived tab on the event dashboard. Files that are archived are deactivated and cannot be opened.

Deleting a Rundown, Schedule, or List

WARNING: If any file is deleted in this manner, there is no way to recover it.
You can only delete files that have been archived. Once a file is archived it can be permanently deleted. This is done from the Archived tab by clicking the ellipsis to the right of the file and selecting "delete forever." After this, you will be asked to type in the exact name of the file (including special characters and spaces) in order to complete the deletion process. 

Restoring an Archived Rundown, Schedule or List

If you accidentally archive a file, you can restore it by going to the Archived tab at the top of you Event dashboard.  Once you find the archived file you want to restore, click the ellipsis to the right of the file and select the restore button. This will restore the item into the folder it was originally archived from.

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