Note: Shoflo Studio limits file size to 1GB and videobitrate to 16Mbps.

Shoflo Studio supports multiple file types within the media section but for the best experience we recommend using H.264 encoded MP4 files with a data rate sub 5Mbps and optimized for web. This is important because Shoflo Studio does not do any Transcoding. Which means that if you upload a 100MB file then 100MB must be downloaded from the servers when playing back the file via The Director View, Presenter Views, and the Mixer output link.

To convert your video files to an optimized form we recommend the open source video transcoder named Handbrake. You can download Handbrake here.

Many of Handbrake's built-in presets work great. For the example, above I selected the Web - Vimeo Youtube HQ 1080p60 preset. This automatically selected the A/V Align and Web Optimized checkboxes for me. My favorite preset to use is Web - Vimeo Youtube 720p30

Optimizing for web playback is key, it makes the file so that the first few seconds of the video are the first bits of data that are downloaded..

The next step is to move to the Video tab and adjust the Constant Quality RF slider to a number between 22-26. Depending on the video I like to use 24 or 25

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