While in Presenter view, the presenter controls allow you to see when your mic and camera are active as well as mute your mic and turn off your camera if needed.

Note: The following steps that show how to operate the mic controls, also apply to the camera operation.

Camera/Mic Status

If your mic or camera is active, the presenter control button will appear in green. To disable them, click on the respective buttons. When they appear in red, they are off.

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If the button displays "Overridden" above it, then your camera or microphone has been manually disabled by the Director. If you mute your own camera or mic then "Overridden" text will not appear.

Disable/Enable Camera/Mic

To quickly disable your mic or camera, simply click the green "**** on" button with the corresponding symbol. Clicking the button again will re-enable your mic/camera input.

If your mic or camera is overridden by the Director, clicking the button will provide you the option to send a request to the Director to unmute your mic or enable your camera. Once the director approves this request the corresponding device will become unmuted/live.

If it's not overridden, you can also temporarily enable your mic by holding down the spacebar on your keyboard (Does not apply to Camera input).

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