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Whether it's in a DSM or a true prompter, this view is ideal for displaying large amounts of text.
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Note: Prompter View is releasing as a free trial to all teams, but will transition in to a premium, paid product in the future.

Prompter view is a full-screen view designed for script content. It allows you to display the contents of one column while maximizing the use of your display. 

Prompter view is composed of three main areas: the left drawer (which contains the element list & navigation), the center pane (which contains the content of the target cell), and the right drawer (which contains all your settings and styles).

How do you turn it on

Prompter view can be accessed in three ways:
1 - by clicking on the eye icon at the top right of your rundown and selecting Prompter View
2 - by clicking on the fullscreen icon inside of Featured View
3 - by clicking on the column edit menu and selecting the 'Take to Prompter View' option

What can you do in it

Prompter view is a fully functional view in Shoflo meaning you have full access to editing as well as the new prompter specific viewing options.

Text Size & Line Height

The text size and line height sliders, found in the Styles tab of the right pane, are used to adjust the size of the displayed text and the height of the blank space between each line.

Scroll Speed & Auto Scrolling

Autoscrolling, as the name suggest will automatically move the text on the screen. You can activate auto scrolling by tapping the spacebar. The speed at which the text scrolls can be adjusted by using the slider in the Styles tab of the right side menu.

Note: When Single Item mode is turned off, Auto Scrolling will continue to scroll into the next elements' script.

Font weight

This setting toggles the font weight between regular weight and bold and applies to all content in that column.

Read arrow

This setting toggles the display of the read arrow, which is the small white triangle to the left of your content.  This is perfect for giving your presenter a solid reference point for reading content.

The Read arrow can also be moved up and down and via drag and drop.

Force CAPS

When Force CAPS is turned on the text in the chosen column will be displayed in all capital letters regardless of its true formatting.

Mirror Text

When the Mirror Text option is turned on the text on the screen will be mirrored on the vertical axis. This is so that Prompter view can be used with an existing prompter system. 

Single Item Mode

Single Item mode displays the contents of one cell at a time. This mode is meant for a speaker notes scenario in a DSM. Scrolling in this mode will terminate when the contents of that cell runs out.

Display Item Info

This setting toggles the Item title from being displayed above the cell content. The Item Title will appear in a grey box.

Full Screen toggle
In the upper right of the right pane is a fullscreen icon.  When clicked, this will take your browser window to the full width and height of your display, and thus removes the UI elements native to your browser.  This provides a clean, clutter free viewing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Prompter View free?
Prompter View is a free trial for all teams to experience. During this trial we will collect feedback on Prompter View before transitioning this to a premium, paid product in the future.

How do I change my Prompter View column?
Hover over the right pane, and near the top there is a dropdown that contains your currently selected column name.  Click on that to select a new column.

How do I change which row is displaying content in Prompter View?
Hovering over the left pane will reveal all of your rows for your current rundown.  To the right of some rows is a little pilcrow icon.  This icon only appears in rows that have content in the column & cell for that row.

How do I change rundowns in Prompter View?
Hover over the left pane and at the very top is a dropdown that when clicked, lists all of your currently active rundowns for that event.  You can click on any rundown to be routed to a Prompter View for that rundown.  If you have a column named similar to the column you have selected in your current rundown, we will auto select that column for you.

Does Prompter View work with Perfect Cue?
Yes, Perfect Cue is recognized by your computer as a keyboard. Since Prompter View uses the left and right arrow keys as keyboard shortcuts for advancing the displayed content, it works with Perfect Cue out of the box.

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