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Migrating "New" ScriptPRO to Shoflo
Migrating "New" ScriptPRO to Shoflo
Instructions on how to migrate your team account from the "New" ScriptPRO to Shoflo
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NOTE:  If you have multiple "Instances" in New ScriptPRO, you will need to do the following for each Instance. For example, for colleges you will need to create schedule and document for each sport. We will migrate each sport into shoflo, each with its own columns. In Shoflo, you will have all teams (sports) under a single Shoflo Team account, but each sport will have its own well of elements and columns.

For non-collegiate teams, we will migrate each team account over to Shoflo as separate teams account, each with its own well of elements. 

Step 1 - Create your "Migration" Production Schedule

  1. Login to "New" ScriptPRO

  2. Create a new Production Schedule and title it "Migration Schedule 001"

  3. Use a future date and have fun with the location :) 

Step 2 - Choose your elements to migrate over to Shoflo

This production schedule will not be your typical schedule. Our Migration Team will be using this Production Schedule to understand all the elements you want migrated and which timeframes / segments they should be associated with. Be sure to insert all of the elements you wish to migrate over.

Note: If an element has timing associated with it, such as a day or a period of time, the element (or elements) will NOT appear unless the schedule is on that day and/or in that period of time.
For example: if during the summer months, your organization has fireworks every Saturday evening, and you/your staff created the element for fireworks to take place only on Saturdays during the months of May - August, unless the schedule you are creating for the migration is set to take place on a Saturday within that time frame, the fireworks element will not appear in the element area for the user to drag+drop the element. To fix this, we suggest going through your elements in the elements area, identify which elements have specific days and/or date ranges on them, and turn the timing off by clicking "reset timing."

Step 3 - Create your "Shoflo Migration" Document

In this step, you will be creating a document and determining the columns that you want Shoflo to migrate over. This step gives you an opportunity to consider wether you are actually using all of the "fields columns" in ScriptPRO. Every field column (audio, video, PA) that you enable in the document will be migrated over to Shoflo... let's avoid migrating empty columns :) 

  1. Go to documents and create a new document and give the document the title "Shoflo Migration 001"

 2. Select the "Shoflo Migration Schedule 001" which you created earlier. 

  3. Choose "Options" button and then the "Columns" tab. Select the following required columns:

  • Duration

  • Name

  • Type

  • Sponsor

  • Timeframe

  • Segment

4. Now select the columns you actually use and wish to be migrated over to Shoflo as columns. (ie: PA Script, LED, DJ, CG, etc)

5. Review the document columns and ensure the document table looks correct and all of your desired columns are displaying correctly. 

6. Click "Save Settings" 

Step 4 - Email and let us know you are ready to migrate to Shoflo. 

Step 5 - Shoflo will schedule the migration (typically within 7 business days)

Step 6 - The Shoflo Migration team will email you when the migration is complete. 

Step 7 - On-boarding into Shoflo 

Our Customer Success team will coordinate with you a time for on-boarding into Shoflo and review of your elements now that they have been migrated over! 

That's it... you are all done! 


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