Q3 2018 Webinar

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Hosted By:Β 

John Alexander
​Product Specialist &
​JP Chatt
​Director of Customer Success

This webinar we talked about:Β 

  • Our recent acquisition of ScriptPro and what that means for existing user.

  • Shared ways of staying up to speed with new updates to the software, and how you can submit, upvote, and share your ideas and feedback with us. Β 

  • Live demoed some of our more recent additions like Reverse Auto-timing & Global Elements Manager

  • We also took several questions from the audience and teased some features we're coming soon like Prompter View & Display View! πŸš€

How does the ScriptPRO acquisition impact my account?
It doesn't! For Current ScriptPRO users, you can continue using the software as is. We will continue to support it moving forward. This just means you have alternative scripting options (Shoflo) available to you and we would love a chance to share more in depth how the softwares compare.Β 

Questions? You can chat with us directly message using the blue chat bubble in the bottom right! 😁


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