How to use remote Prompter View
This article covers the use of the Remote Prompter functionality in Prompter View
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Note: This article covers a specific feature inside of Prompter View. The basic functionality around Prompter View is covered in a separate article that can be found here. You will need the prompter add-on license in order to use the remote Prompter View functionality covered in this article.

Remote Prompter allows you to work with talent from around the globe. You can have your prompter Operator in New York City and the Presenter in Los Angeles, but still, be able to use a prompter.

How a Prompter Operator would add a viewer

The remote functionality of Prompter View works similarly to our Guest Pass feature. You would create a URL from within Prompter View and then share it with your talent i.e. viewer. When they load this URL they will see the same thing the Prompter Operator sees (minus the controls).

To create the URL you would click on the remote prompter link in the top panel in prompter view. Click the toggle to enable the URL (note a user needs to have Admin permissions or higher in order to toggle this on). Then copy it to your clipboard and share it via email, text message, or any other messaging tool you choose.

As the prompter operator, you will be notified whenever someone goes to that URL. We call this notification a knock. You would answer the knock by approving or denying access to the person.

How a Viewer would access the remote feed from their Prompter Operator

The talent/viewer would go to the URL provided to them by the Prompter Operator. When they first open the page it will ask them for their name. The Prompter Operator then receives a notification on their end that a new viewer would like access to their feed. Once the Prompter Operator accepts, the talent/viewer will then see the prompter feed.


  • The limit to how prompter operators you can have is based on your license

  • The limit of how many viewers a prompter operator can have is also based on your license

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