Shoflo Studio does not currently transcode video files that have been uploaded. This means that the video played back in the Director View and Presenter View is the original video that you uploaded. For this reason, we recommend encoding the video prior to upload into Shoflo Studio.


For the best performance, we recommend H.264 encoded video files with AAC encoded Audio in an MP4 wraper/extension. Additionally, video files that have been "optimized for the web" will provide a better experience since it'll help ensure a smooth start to the video playback. Learn more about how to encode videos

Video Media Bitrate limit

When uploading video files in Studio, although they can be up to 1GB in size, their bitrate cannot exceed 2 Megabytes per second or 16 Megabits per second.


Any video encoder that can encode in our recommended settings should work but, if you haven't used a video encoder before, a simple one to use would be Handbrake, which you can download here.

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