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Studio - Best Practices
Studio - Best Practices

Recommendations for executing a great broadcast

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  • Limit the number of participants in a meeting to the essential ones. Each participant will increase the total load (Bandwidth & CPU) on all other hosts and speakers. Shoflo Studio works best with 2-5 participants.

  • Limit the number of hosts logged into the same Studio instance. Shoflo Studio works with multiple hosts but each one also introduces variables and loads.

  • The host’s computer should be isolated from any other loads. i.e. it should be running the browser and studio but nothing else.

  • Hardwire your computers to your network for the best possible internet connection.

  • Use a headset to avoid audio feedback issues and place the mic near your mouth.



  • An improved camera can make a big difference but before going out and purchasing a new one, do you have an old DSLR in the closet? consider using that.

  • A Capture Card will allow you to use any HDMI video source as a 'camera' so if you are using an old DSLR as a webcam or trying to share a gaming console's output... A capture card could be a useful tool.

  • Audio is an important part of every stream and an upgraded microphone can go a long way toward improving your audience's experience. Even the microphone built into your headsets can oftentimes be an improvement over the one built into your laptop.

  • Use headphones or a headset whenever possible, This improves the overall sound by removing the other audio elements from being picked up by your mic.

  • Try to use a secondary monitor especially if you are sharing your screen.


  • Give your background some thought, reduce distracting elements, and try to frame yourself within the shot.

  • Make sure you center yourself on your video, Studio auto-crops your video in some layouts so being on the outer edges will not look as good.

  • Adequate lighting is key to looking good on video. Ring lights are a good option if your room is not well lit but try to avoid overhead lights as those can cause unflattering shadows.

  • Try to isolate yourself to avoid external noises or other visual distractions.

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