Presenter Banners is the feature that allows you to automatically display presenter names and titles when they are live.

There is a new section at the top of the Banners tab labeled Presenter Banners. We preload this section with a default "Auto title". When this auto title is live it means that whenever a presenter is live the system will generate a name/title banner on the bottom of their PIP.

Editing the Name or Title

Presenter Banners will use the name and title associated with that presenter source. If a director would like to change any of those they simply need to click the ellipsis icon at the top right of the chosen source, then click Edit source settings. Make any changes you want in the source settings modal and save. The new name or title will now take effect the next time that source goes live.

Note: Update any pre-saved scene you might have created prior to the release of this feature to ensure all names and titles display correctly.

Modifying Style

A single aspect of this auto title can be modified, the color bar on the far left. To modify the auto title, first click on the ellipsis icon, then select Edit. In the modal that opens up either enter in a new HEX value or click on the color square to open up the color picker. Once you save, this new color will take effect on all Presenter PIPs.


To turn on Presenter Banners, click on the "Add live" button to the right of that Presenter Banner. It will immediately take effect on any presenter that is currently live and apply to any additional presenters as they are added to the live output. The same would be true if changes to the layout are triggered by scenes, multi-select, or clicking a layout.

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