Cvent Studio handles presenter requests in the form of 'knocks'. There are 4 types of requests that a presenter can make.

  • Request to enter into the Studio

  • Request to unmute themselves

  • Request to turn their camera feed on

  • Request to share their screen

Each of these requests will come through to the Director in real-time. So, what happens if there is no Director in the Studio to answer those knocks? That's where the Waiting Room and Notification queue come into play.

Presenter Experience

The Presenter will arrive at the Guest Invite Link and enter their name. This will create an entry request which gets queued up for the Director. The screen then advances and sits in the 'Waiting Room' until the Director accepts the request. Once they do, the Presenter can select their camera and Mic and continue filling out their information.

Director Experience

When a Director first enters a Studio instance, if there are entry requests waiting to be approved, they will appear in the top right of the Studio for 5 seconds. The requests/notifications will then disappear.

To view all pending requests a Director can click on the new Notifications 'bell icon' at the top right and Approve/Deny any pending requests.

The notification modal allows you to approve/deny requests one-by-one or approve all at once. The directors can also map the knock requests (to enter studio) from presenters to their existing presenter placeholders by clicking on the drop-down key appearing next to the Approve button.

By default, Studio will map the presenter join request to an existing placeholder if the name of the placeholder and the name of the presenter match.

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