With Shoflo’s Folders, it’s easy to organize your Rundowns, Schedules, Lists, & Docs.

  1. Click the new folder icon at the top right of your event dashboard

  2. Enter a name for your folder

  3. Click and drag any Rundown, Schedule, List, or Doc into the folder.

Navigating through your folders is easy. Simply single click on a file to open it and view its contents. You can also create folders inside of folders. At the top of the list of items, you can see the file tree. You can drag your items into the file tree, or click within it to navigate back up towards the root file.

We’ve also added a few different ways to help you organize and access data within your folders.

  • You can use the dropdowns to sort the files within the selected folder by type, name, and date.

  • The search feature allows you search within all folders. It’s very helpful for events with deep file trees or numerous items.

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