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Compact View vs Normal View
Compact View vs Normal View

Compact View has skinnier rows and tighter margins which means you can view 2-3x as many rows in your rundowns.

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As the name implies, this compact view tightens up margins and padding, and combined with breaking timings out into their own columns has allowed us to display around 2-3x as many rows when compared to Normal View. This means less scrolling to get to lower rows and a greater overall view of your rundown.

Here’s a quick GIF on how to access it:

How it works:

  1. To change the appearance of your rundown click the eye icon in the upper right hand corner of your rundown.

  2. Clicking on that will reveal your view and theme options. Simply make your selection from the drop down menu to make the change.

  3. This preference is per user, so no worries on it messing anyone else up.

  4. NOTE: In compact view we broke out the times into their own columns. 

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