For advanced users of Shoflo, learning to leverage the keyboard shortcuts can be a game changer in terms of speed in the app. Using a third-party device to map the keyboard shortcuts can make working in Shoflo even more efficient as well as just plain fun 😊

First, you need to purchase either the Contour ShuttlePROv2 or the ShuttleXpress. The biggest difference between the two is the amount of buttons you can map shortcuts to. The PROv2 has much more flexibility and is what we recommend. 

Purchase the

Contour Design's ShuttleExpress

Contour Design's Shuttle Pro V.2

Next, you need to download the Contour Shuttle drivers here:

Once you connect your Shuttle via USB, its pretty easy to get up and going. You want to launch the Contour Shuttle application, which will give you an interface for mapping keyboard shortcuts to keys on your Shuttle. 

You want to be sure you are either mapping to the "All Applications" on the left or specifically to your browser of choice e.g. Chrome, Safari, ... 

To make your life easier, we went ahead and created some custom Shoflo Shuttle settings to get you started quickly. 

  1. First, download these custom Shoflo Shuttle presets: Download Presets

  2. Find the cog wheel button at the bottom left of the Contour Shuttle application and select Import Settings

  3. Find the preset file your just downloaded.

  4. Delete any previous browser settings so they don't conflict with each other. 

You should be good to go. In general, you can just reference the imported preset and apply them to whatever browser you prefer, if not Chrome. 

For the teleprompter, we suggest mapping the up / down arrows keys to the "Jog" wheel. This allows you to start scrolling and easily adjust speed up / down. You can use the larger "Shuttle" for quickly scrolling up / down the script as well. 

For more questions or suggestions, please reach out with the blue chat.

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