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Speaker View: Camera and Mic Controls
Speaker View: Camera and Mic Controls

How to use the controls for camera and mic (enable/disable)

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While in Speaker view, the Speaker's controls allow you to see when your Mic and Video are active as well as mute your mic and turn off your Video if needed.

Note: The following steps that show how to operate the mic controls, also apply to the Video operation.

Video/Mic Status

If your mic or video is active, the speaker control button will appear in white. To disable them, click on the respective buttons. When they appear in red, they are off.

Start/Stop Video & Mute/Unmute Mic

To quickly disable your Mic or Video, simply click the 'Mute'/'Stop Video' buttons.

To enable your video, click on the 'Start Video' button. To enable your mic, click on the 'Unmute' button and then click on Unmute again for confirmation.

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