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Introduction to Speaker View
Introduction to Speaker View

General overview of Speaker View

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Studio's Speaker view consists of four main sections, the view layout tabs, your primary viewport, the speaker controls, and the speaker chat.

View layouts

Across the top of the Speaker view are your different view layouts. Clicking on one of the layouts will switch to that view layout. More info

Primary Viewport

Next is your primary viewport, while the way this looks can change depending on your selected view layout, it will always include a preview of your own video to the left and the live program. If any view other than the "Stage" view layout is selected, it will appear to the left with your video.

Speaker Controls

Below the viewport is the speaker controls. These controls allow you to adjust your camera and mic settings and start a screen share. You can also start/stop your video and mute/unmute yourself.

Speaker Chat

The last area which appears below the Speaker controls is the Chat. This allows you to communicate backstage with other speakers or the host. You can also share files and documents on the chat by clicking on the (+) button and hitting enter/ return after selecting the file(s).

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