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Studio: How to create and use Scenes
Studio: How to create and use Scenes

This article will go into detail about the how to use Scenes in Studio

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The Scenes feature in Studio will allow you to preset all of the layouts, speakers, content, and transitions ahead of time. As you build each preset scene, they will appear in the sequence panel on the left side of the Host View. There, you can either create new preset scenes or trigger/update existing ones.

First, let's go over the building blocks.

Placeholder Sources

You can get started with building out your scenes before any of your Speakers join by adding Placeholder sources. You can do this for both Speakers and screen share sources. Just click "Manage" at the top right of the speakers/content area and select Speaker/Screen share Placeholder. You can then use the ellipsis menu to edit the source and enter the Speaker's name.

When new Speaker joins the Studio, within the knock request, you'll be given the option to assign them to one of the placeholders OR to add them as a new Speaker. The same will apply when a Speaker requests to start a screen share.

Building a Scene

After you've created your Speaker and screen share placeholder sources, you can start building a scene by adding your desired background, sources, and overlays to the program as well as selecting an auto layout.

You will use the 'program output' as your environment for creating these new preset scenes and once you've finished building the look you want to save then add it to the sequence on the left-hand side.

Adding a new Scene

You can save the current state of the program as a scene using the "Add" button in the sequence panel at the far left of the Host view then click "Create scene from stage". Choosing to create a "New blank scene" will create a new scene containing only the currently selected background. A blank scene can be updated from the program at a later time.

Modifying/deleting Scenes

Accessing the ellipsis menu at the top right of a given scene in the sequence panel gives you the option to Duplicate scene, Update scene, and Delete scene.

Duplicate Scene: Creates a copy of the selected scene and adds it to the bottom of the list of scenes.

Update Scene: Saves the live program state (Sources, Overlays, Background, and Lower Thirds) to the currently selected scene.

Delete Scene: Deletes the selected scene, removing it from the list.

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