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Studio Keyboard shortcuts
Studio Keyboard shortcuts

How to use keyboard shortcuts in Studio

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Note: This lists the keyboard shortcuts currently available in Studio. We encourage Studio users to visit our feature request board at Canny and add ideas for keyboard shortcuts that you think might be useful.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Studio has several keyboard shortcuts allowing for a simple layout, video, and content changes. These can help you to quickly make changes to the on-stage program when needed.

Layout (Number 1-5)

Using the number keys (1-5), you can easily switch between Studio's 5 different auto layouts. Pressing 1 on the keyboard will select the first auto-layout from the left and so on. In order, these layouts are Side-by-side, Grid, Pinned Speaker, Pinned Screen share, and Pinned Content.

Speaker's video (Cmd + 1-9)

While in the Speaker source tab, cmd + 1-9 (ctrl + 1-9) allows you to take a speaker on stage (Speaker to the top-left is 1) as a solo speaker on stage in the program. Using this shortcut will also unmute the speaker automatically.

Note: Google Chrome uses this same shortcut for switching tabs. Though our shortcut will take priority, if you were to press Cmd + 4 and you only have 3 cameras to choose from, Google Chrome will switch to the 4th browser tab.

Content (Shift + Cmd + 1-9)

When the Content tab is selected shift + cmd + 1-9 (shift + ctrl + 1-9), it spotlights the content asset (Numbered the same way as speakers).


The spacebar allows you to easily progress to the next scene once you take the initial scene on stage.

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