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Speaker Banners aka Name Cards
Speaker Banners aka Name Cards

How to use the Name Cards feature to automatically create mini name & title banners with each Speaker PIP

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Speaker Banner is the feature that allows you to automatically display speaker names and titles when they are on Stage.

There is a new section at the top of the Banners tab labeled Name Cards. We preload this section with a default "Name Card". When this Name Card is turned on to show, the system will generate a name card on the bottom of their PIP, whenever a Speaker is on Stage.

Editing the Name or Title

Name Cards will use the name and title associated with that Speaker. If a Host would like to change any of those they simply need to click the ellipsis icon at the top right of the chosen source, then click Edit source settings. Make any changes you want in the source settings modal and save. The new name will now take effect the next time that source is on Stage.


To turn on Speaker Banners, click on the "Show" button on the right of the Speaker Name Cards section within Banners. It will immediately take effect on any speaker that is currently on stage and apply to any additional speakers as they are added to the stage. The same would be true if changes to the layout are triggered by scenes, multi-select, or clicking a layout.

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