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Search – Find & Replace

How to use Shoflo search and its Find & Replace functionality.

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 Search allows you to find & replace data within your Cue sheets. If you need to bulk update a lot of text at the last minute, you can do it with just a click of your mouse. For example, if John Johnson was originally scheduled to enter from Stage Right but decides at the last minute that he wants to enter from Stage Left, you can search for “Stage Right” in your show and replace every instance of Stage Right, or checkbox only the ones you want to replace. This is an exciting and easy way to quickly make bulk edits to your show without having to worry about anguishing over making changes one by one.

  • Edit faster with Find & Replace: Search for a term and replace all, or checkbox only certain items

  • Replacements update in real time: No need to worry about your crew not seeing those last minute changes

  • Recorded in Activity Feed: Know who made what edits and when

Here’s the step-by-step on how to take advantage of Find & Replace for shows:

  1. Replacement is only available to Admins & Show Callers, but every permission can search

  2. Search for the term you want to replace in the top “Search for:” input box.  So if you want to replace the term “Stage Right”, you’ll type that in the top box 

3. The second input box is the “Replace [term] with:”, here is where you’ll type in what you want the new term to be.  Here, for example, is where you’ll type in “Stage Left” if you want that to be the new term.

4. After you input your term, there are two options for the replacement functionality you wish to perform.  Replace All will replace every instance of that term that appears in your cue sheet.  Clicking it once will prompt you to confirm by requiring a second click, so as to prevent accidentally replacing everything.                               

5. The second button is “Replace Checked”, which remains grayed out and unavailable until you begin to check items.  Check the boxes next to each item you want to replace, when you’re done you can hit Replace Checked and it will replace the content in the boxes you have checked.  This action doesn’t require double confirmation.     

6. Congrats!  Your text will now be replaced in real time and you’ll be ready to keep editing!

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