Cue Sheet Personalization

We offer several ways to personalize your cue sheet to your liking so it is easier to use Shoflo how you want.

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We offer several ways to personalize your cue sheet to your liking so it is easier to use Shoflo how you want. There are currently three different ways to personalize your cue sheet:


Themes allow users to change the appearance of Rundowns between the default dark appearance to a brighter look. Themes are a strictly aesthetic change to the appearance of the Rundown and do not affect any other functionality.


Custom views are another way to personalize the appearance of your Rundown. Shoflo offers you three different view options, Normal View, Compact View, & Featured View. Selecting between these views will only affect how the rundown appears to you.

Compact View

This is your default view and maximizes the number of rows you can fit on your screen.

Normal View

This view collapses the timing columns into the item column and pads the space in between rows and columns for a more clear division of content on the screen.

This view was designed for Scripts or PA reads but could be used to enlarge any single column.

Personal Highlights:

These are colored highlights that help rows relevant to you stand out in your cue sheet. They’re super helpful for distinguishing the parts in your rundown where you have something to do. The best part is that they’re only visible to you.

Column Hiding:

Are you the lighting tech and not interested in what the audio team has to do? No worries, just hide every column except your departments and you can focus on your task at hand.

Column Re-ordering:

Maybe you'd still like to see the other columns but just have the lights columns closer to your private notes, well, you can do that too. You can re-order the columns and this change will only be visible to you. You won't affect anyone else's view of the Rundown. 

Private Notes:

This is the only column in Shoflo with its own unique column color and for good reason. Use this column to add notes to an item row that only you can see.

And, like all things Shoflo all of these modifications are automatically saved, so whenever you navigate back into the rundown, it'll appear just as you left it.

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