Undo is a component of Shoflo’s Activity Feed that can be used to restore a cell’s text back to a previous state. Because the cell’s entire history is saved in the Activity Feed, you aren’t limited to only the last edit.

There are several ways to view a cell’s history in order to restore its content:

  • Open the Activity Feed by clicking the yellow lightning bolt at the top right of a Rundown, Schedule or List. Cell edits are listed in order from most to least recent. Once you find the cell you are interested in, click the green “Content History” to the left of the cell.

  • Select the cell you wish to undo, and then click the icon in the top right of the cell. This will open that particular’s edit history

  • Use the hotkey CMD + Z (MAC) or CTRL + Z (PC)

Once you have reached a cell’s edit history, click the red “Restore Content” button to the left of the cell to restore its content.

*Note: the undo button is limited to text at this time. Formatting changes like highlights and cell color can’t be undone, but they can always be removed or reapplied manually in the app. Actions that involve multiple cells, like bulk copy/paste and row deletions cannot be undone!

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