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Bulk Cell Edits via Copy & Paste

How to leverage Copy & Paste for making changes to multiple cells at a time.

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Single and multi (bulk) -cell copy, cut, & paste is a simple yet super fast way to quickly make edits to your shows, schedules, and lists. You can copy the contents of one cell, and paste it multiple times into different cells and even different events–without ever having to enter cell edit mode. The same applies for a range of cells (aka bulk) where you can select a range of multiple cells, and either copy or cut the contents of those cells into new cells.

Single cell cut, copy, and paste

If you just want to copy/cut a single cell and paste it multiple times, here’s how to do it:

  1. Select the cell that you want to copy or cut. The selection state is active when the cell has a blue border.

  2. If you want to copy the contents of the cell, use the keyboard shortcut CMD + C (CTRL + C on Windows). This will copy everything in the cell, including any formatting, and will also copy images and links.

  3. Next, select the cell where you want to paste the content into and use the keyboard shortcut CMD + V/(CTRL + V) to paste the contents into that cell. NOTE: This will replace any and all content in that cell.

  4. If you want to cut the contents of a cell, the same steps apply, except you use the keyboard shortcut CMD + X/(CTRL + X) to cut the contents, and CMD + V/(CTRL + V) to paste them.

Multi/bulk cell cut, copy, and paste

If you want to copy, cut, and paste multiple cells or a range of cells, the instructions for that are below. Some notes first: there are some specific rules around the size and shape of range selection:

  • A range must be square/rectangular, and all cells selected must be touching each other.

  • The area you are pasting into must have enough room to fit all of the cells, both by rows and by columns. Meaning that if you copy a horizontal range of cells that is six cells wide, the area you’re pasting into must have six consecutive horizontal cells to be available as the paste target. Likewise, if you copy a vertical range of cells that is four cells high, the area you’re pasting into must also have four consecutive vertical cells.

How to select cells for multi/bulk cell cut, copy, paste:

  1. Select the first cell that you want to be copied.  The selection state is active when the cell has a blue border.

  2. Next, there’s two ways to select a range:Press the SHIFT key, and then use the Arrow Up/Right/Down/Left to select cells in that directionOr, hold down the SHIFT key, and then select the last cell in the range you want to selected.  This will select all cells in the range between those two selected cells.

  3. Once you have all of the cells selected, you can copy their contents with CMD + C/(CTRL + C), or cut the contents with CMD + X/(CTRL + X).  With the aforementioned size rules in mind, you can paste the contents with CMD + V/(CTRL + V).

Bulk cell content deletion

Much like copying and cutting content, you can also bulk delete content using similar methods as described above.

  • Select the cells whose contents you’d like to delete

  • Press the DELETE (or backspace) key to remove the contents of all of those cells.

Accidentally delete, cut, or paste a bunch of content? No worries, all of the content edits will be stored in your Activity Feed so you can undo any changes made.
: You can’t currently undo an entire bulk action at once. If you bulk delete a bunch of cells, you’d need to restore the contents to each cell individually via the Activity Feed.

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