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Learn more about your activity feed and how it helps you keep track of edits within your rundown.

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The Activity Feed is a chronological timeline that displays your cue sheet’s edit history. It can show you all edits made to your cue sheets, who made them, and the exact time the edit was made. The activity feed can be reached by clicking the yellow lightning bolt at the top right of a rundown, schedule or list.

The Activity Feed is a great way to…

  • Review activity of your team – as a team admin you may be interested in reviewing who has been editing within a Shoflo. For example, show callers who invite their client’s can use it to differentiate edits between their production crew and their clients.

  • Review changes over time – when making changes for a rundown, it’s always possible that a you may need to revert back to a previous version of a script. While reviewing the activity feed, you can select “Content History” to the left of a cell edit in order to review all edits that have been made to that cell

  • Restore to a previous version of a cell – if you accidentally deleted data from a cell, or wish to go back to a previous version, you can select restore content to restore the cell to a previous edit. Important note: while cell edits can be reversed, it is not possible to undo a row deletion! The restore content feature is not available to read-only users.

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