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Saving Rundowns, Schedules and Lists
Saving Rundowns, Schedules and Lists

This article covers the basics of saving instances of your files for using as a template and for restoring.

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Saving allows you to make backups of your Rundowns, Schedules and Lists in case your crew members make unwanted changes or edits. Saved rundowns allow you to quickly revert back to previous save point.

You can also choose to save a version of a rundown to keep as a ready-made template for future use! These templates are especially effective for companies that have similar structure to their events like sports teams and churches.

In order to save a rundown, you first need to navigate to one of your events from the Team Dashboard. Simply click the ellipsis to the right of the rundown youโ€™d like to backup and then click "save a backup." A copy of your rundown will appear under the "saved" tab with a time stamp to help you keep track of your saved rundowns.

Once you are ready to restore a rundown from a previous save, just open the "saved" tab and click the restore button under the ellipsis menu. A new rundown will be generated from the saved data and appear among your other rundown files with the time stamp to help you keep track of your saved rundowns.

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