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The templates tab in Shoflo allows you to save Templates to the Team level, making them accessible across all Events.

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Templates are a saved instance of your files (Rundowns, Schedules, and Lists) that you can use when creating a new file. The previous version of this feature would allow you to save Templates to the Event level only, meaning you could not create a Template in one Event and use it in another. We removed this limitation in the latest version of SHOFLO.

Templates now exist at the Team level so they can be used across all Events.

Note: As templates exist on the team level, only team admins have access to create/ save a new template or use a saved template while creating a rundown in a team account.

Saving a file as a Template

To save a file as a template, click on the ellipsis button to the right of the file and select the Save as Template option. A template with the same name as that selected file will now appear in the Templates tab of your Team Dashboard.

Creating a new file from a Template

To create a new file using the template you just created, click on the blue "Create New" button. Select the file type of your template. Then select the template from the dropdown.

Editing the content of a Template

To access your templates and modify them, Go to your Team Dashboard and then click on the Templates tab. To modify the contents of the template itself, click on the name of the template to enter the template and begin editing.

Modifying or Deleting a Template

To modify the Template name and other settings, click the ellipsis button and select "Edit Template Settings". To delete it, select the "delete" option.

Creating a new template from scratch

Though it is more common to save an existing file as a template to create a new template from scratch within the Template Library. Just click the blue Create New button and it will allow you to create a new file just as you would in a regular event.

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