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Rundown, Schedule and List settings
Rundown, Schedule and List settings

How to adjust settings for your rundown, schedule or list

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From your event dashboard you can quickly adjust settings to each of your rundowns.

Just click the ellipsis to the right of the rundown and select edit rundown settings.
Note: Only Crew members with admins, and showcaller permissions can adjust these settings. See event crew permissions 

Rundown Settings:

  • Name – Edit your rundown’s name

  • Description – Edit your rundown’s description

  • Date – Set your rundown’s start date

  • Start Time – Set your rundown’s start time

  • Item Descriptions – Toggle Item Descriptions on/off

  • Auto Time Calculations – Enable to automatically add the cue duration to the cue start time to determine the following cue’s start time.

  • Auto Item Numbering – Toggles automatic item numbering on/off

  • Item Start Times – Toggles item start times on/off

  • Preset Time – Toggle preset times on/off

  • Item Durations – Toggle item durations on/off and select time format

  • Time of day & item run time clocks – Toggle clocks on/off

  • Column Order Reset – Override everyone's personal column order to match the user selected

  • Reset Times – Resets any manual start times to their automatic or default values

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