Adding Images and GIFs

How to embed images within your rundown.

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Adding Images and GIFs

Our customer’s use image inserts in many different ways. Our corporate customers use images to insert profile pictures of guests for camera operators to identify, sports teams use images to insert the logos of sponsors, and houses of worship use them to display the graphics for the days’ services.

To add an image, simply select the cell you’d like to display the image and then click on the image button from the formatting menu on the top of the page. You can display .jpeg, .png and .gif’s up to 2 MB in size!

You can also embed an image in your rundown by providing us with the URL of a publicly accessible image. For example, you might Google the name of your keynote speaker and use an image you find there. Simply right click that image and copy the image url, then paste it into the field in the Insert Photo modal.

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