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Global Elements Update

Learn about all the new features in Global Elements Manager

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Check out all the new features coming to Global Elements Manager in our Q4 2018 update.

Improved User Interface now includes Column Headers, indicates previously used elements, & allow you to delete elements from the Insert modal.

The Insert Global Element modal is packed with useful additions. You can now see if your elements are already a part of the given rundown and even how many times it appears within the rundown. You can also now delete elements from the rundown, within the Insert modal.Β 

Removed Categories and added support for multiple Tags on each Global Element.

It is now possible for you to apply multiple tags to a single element. Giving you even more flexibility when filtering elements and color coding for identification.
​Note: Filtering will only show results with ALL the selected tags.

Note 2: You will be prompted to convert all Categories into Tags

Tags are now included in Exports and Guest Pass

Tags will now be included in the Guest Pass and exports of your Element Set. Making it easier for you to distinguish between different variants of similar elements.

Added Guest pass to the Global Elements Container

The Global Elements Manager now gets a Guest Pass for the Global Elements Container. This means that if your organization has several different Element Sets (e.g. Football, Basketball, Baseball,...) All those Element Sets can be made visible from this one Guest Pass landing page.

Smart alerts notify users when there is a discrepancy between a rundown's column count and those in the Global Elements Manager.

The reliability of GEM is dependent on the Element Set within the Global Elements Manager having an identical column structure to the rundowns for which it contains elements. So, we've added warnings in several places to ensure the columns match. This can help prevent, accidents.

Added search filtering to Global Elements Manager

In addition to the new multi-tag filtering available in GEM, we've added a search filter similar to the one in the Insert modal.

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