Navigating the new Shoflo

Learn all about the redesigned interface and all the new or improved features.

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The New Homepage

Our hope is that this new user interface is even more intuitive than the last. It has been carefully designed to help avoid some of the common confusions of the last design. Perhaps most significantly, we've consolidated the User Dashboard (a.k.a. Home) and the Team Dashboard. The system now intelligently detects your permission levels and will show you more or less functionality accordingly.

How to create an Event

Similar to the previous dashboard the bright blue button near the top right of the dashboard is used for creating new Events. New to this process is the ability to also set the Time Zone / format, Labels, Event Owner, & the Event Logo during the creation process.

How to Edit an Event

To modify, duplicate, or delete an existing event, you'll now click the ellipsis button at the far right. Clicking the 'Edit Event Settings' option will open the Event Settings modal which will allow you to change anything you may have missed during the creation process.

The New Event Dashboard

A few things have moved around on the the new Event Dashboard, as well. Like the new homepage, all on-hover buttons have been replaced with the ellipsis menu button. You will use this menu to Edit, Duplicate, Convert, Move, etc...

How to create or upload a new file

You can create a new file by clicking the blue 'Create new' button. This menu allows you to create Rundowns, Schedules, Lists, & Folders,  Upload files and even import CSV data into Shoflo. 

Team-wide Templates

Templates are now accessible from the new Templates Library tab on the Homepage. Here is an article that goes over templates in greater detail.

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