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Learn about the new PDF export - Page Breaks, Saved Presets, Live Preview and more...

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You can open the new PDF Export by clicking on the share icon at the top right of your rundown and selecting the new PDF export option.

Page Size, Layout, & Orientation

This is where you'll customize the style of your export and the paper size you intend to print to. We have added support for A5 and A4 size paper.

Column Visibility

In this section you select which columns you wish to include and exclude from your print out. When the toggle switch is green that column is included.

Additional Options

Team Name - Will include your team's name (organization name) in the PDF.
​Team Logo - Will include your team's logo in the PDF
​Event Name - Will include the name of your event in the PDF
​Event Logo - Will include this event's photo in the PDF
​Show Name - Will Include the name of this specific Show file.
​Print in Grayscale - Will generate a grayscale version of your rundown.

Edit Mode vs Preview Mode

Edit mode should be your default choice. This is what you'll want it set to when customizing your export. Once you are finished and want to preview what your PDF will look like, then click on Preview Mode. Preview Mode will actually generate the PDF so you'll see exactly what it looks like based on your options. Preview Mode is also where you will see any page breaks you may have added.

Page Breaks

You can add page breaks in Edit Mode by clicking between the rows you'd like to insert a page break into. You can remove existing page breaks by clicking on them.

Saved Presets

You can save a new preset by simply customizing your export and then opening the presets drop down at the top left, then click on the Create New Preset option. You can switch between presets by using that same drop down list.

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