Getting Started in Rundown

The basics of working with your run of show

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To start it is important to know that a user's permission level will dictate what they can edit. For instance, only Showcallers & Admin can modify timing, row titles, and Add/create rows and columns. If you find that you are unable to do one of these then your admin might need to upgrade your permission.

Creating Columns and editing them

To the right of the item names and timing, columns are all the content columns in Shoflo. The private notes column is a special one in that Any text you add here will only be seen by you! Every user gets their own private notes column.

To the right of that, we have all the department columns. These columns can be renamed by double-clicking the header. These columns can also be hidden and re-ordered by any user in order to customize their rundown. hiding and re-ordering columns only apply to the user who made that change.

These actions can be done via the column edit menu by clicking the chevron to the right of the column name. Aside from simple customizations, this menu can also be used to add/remove columns and even modify the width of a column.

Creating Rows and editing them

Similar to columns, rows also have a Row Edit menu. You can access this menu by clicking on the cogwheel icon that appears to the left of a row when hovering over it. You'll use this menu to apply colorful row highlights, Copy & paste, and create/delete rows.

Tip: When it comes to creating new rows we recommend using the keyboard shortcut Shift+Command+DownArrow

Making Edits

You can easily get started making changes to your rundown by simply double-clicking on a cell. This will bring you into edit mode and allow you to add/remove text and formatting. Simply clicking outside of the cell will exit edit mode and automatically save your changes.

While in edit mode, the text formatting menu will be visible above the active cell. This menu allows you to modify the formatting of the selected text in the currently active cell.

If you want to apply formatting to an entire cell rather than specific text, the cell formatting toolbar can help you do just that. This toolbar appears near the top of your rundown whenever a cell is selected.

Tip: You can select a group of cells by holding the shift key. Doing so will allow you to do bulk cell formatting.

Show Calling

If your user has Showcaller permissions then you will see a blue "TRACK" button appear on any row you hover your cursor over. Clicking on that button will begin calling the show. This is the functionality you will use to let everyone know what part of the rundown is currently live. The Item Run Time clock is also tied to this functionality and the clock will reset whenever the Showcaller moves to the next row.

To stop broadcasting your location just go to the bottom of the page and click the red outlined bull horn πŸ“£

Following the Showcaller

The event crew can follow along with the Showcaller by selecting the Showcaller's name from the dropdown in the showcaller menu. This will automatically turn on Showcaller Tracking.

To stop following along with the Showcaller just click the ON to toggle next to their name at the bottom left of your screen.

Showcaller Tracking & Timing

Showcaller Tracking has a few timing features specific to it and you can read more about them in their dedicated articles.

Printing and Sharing Content

You can use the download/share icon at the top right of the rundown to export your rundown to different file formats.

PDF Exporting

PDF exports are the best and most popular way of generating your rundown in an easy to print format. A PDF export will include all of your font formatting, highlight colors, and images in the common .PDF file format.

Word Export

Exporting to Word is a great option for handing off PA reads to announcers or speakers. In the Word export wizard you can set your column visibility, and even designate any contributor column to be a "hero" column. The "Hero" column is the one which contains your script content.

Guest Pass

Guest Pass is a great way to share your event's rundowns, schedules, and lists with stakeholders who might not necessarily need their own Shoflo account. A guest pass will not have access to Showcaller Tracking or any real-time edits, but each refresh will fetch the latest version.

To use this feature, first, click the download/share button and select Guest Pass. Within the new modal, click the toggle to enable the Guest Pass URL. You can now copy that URL and message it to any interested parties.

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