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How to create new events for your team

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In order to get rolling on that snazzy new event coming up, you'll first need to create a new event to house all of your rundowns, schedules, lists and docs.  To do that, there are two options, you can create an entirely new event from scratch, or duplicate a past event and start working off of that.  

Note:  Only team admins on teams in subscription or ones with a single event available can create new events.  

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How to create an entirely new event

  • From either your team dashboard, click on the Create Event button located at the upper right.

  • At the top of the modal, make sure your team is selected

  • After that, you can fill in the rest of the details.  

A note on event dates:  This date range is important to the editing capability of your event.  7 days after your event ends, it will be archived and go in to read only mode!

  • After your event has been created, you can find it on your team dashboard. It'll be ready to edit, so have fun!

How to duplicate a past event

If you're looking to create an event similar to one you already made, you can duplicate a past event and it'll include all of that event's information.  Read more on that here.

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