Note: You must be a Team Admin in order to duplicate a past or archived event

Why duplicate events?

With duplicating upcoming and past events you can quickly save time and eliminate starting an event from scratch. Whether you have a recurring event or just a similar one, it only takes a few clicks to reuse a past event or just duplicate an upcoming. 

You could even create 'Master Event Templates' to for your team to help create a standard across your organization.

Duplicating Archived Event

Note: A past event is automatically archived 7 days after its end date. Until then, it will stay in the Upcoming Events tab.

  • Starting in your Team dashboard there are two types of events you can duplicate: Upcoming and Archived

  • At the top of your team dashboard, you should see Upcoming Events and Archived Events. 

  • Click Archived Events

  • To the right of the event, click the ellipsis and select "duplicate" to use it as a new event template. 

  • Next, it will ask for your new event title as well as the start date and end date for the event.

  • Finally, click Create and VOILA! You have now duplicated all rundowns, schedules, and lists into your new event 🏆

Duplicate an Upcoming Event

An upcoming event is any event that has its end date set in the future OR within the past 7 days.

Duplicating or cloning an upcoming event is very similar, rather than going to archived events, make sure you are viewing your upcoming events from your team dashboard. 

  • Click the ellipsis to the right of the event and select "duplicate."

  • Give the new event a title as well as a new start and end date 👍

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