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Studio - Overlays & Backgrounds

How to access and take advantage of Studio's template gallery of overlays and backgrounds

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Studio provides easy access to a wide array of background and overlay assets that will help give your virtual event a clean and professional look.


You can access the gallery of overlay templates while in Host view by selecting the "Add new" option in the overlay section of the Layers tab. Then just click "Browse existing content/template". Once inside this new window, you can select from the templates available and then click the save button to add it to your Overlays.

If instead, you wish to add an already uploaded file as an overlay then click on the 'Event Content' tab under the 'Manage' button to see all files that have already been uploaded to this event. You can then select from those files which are of a compatible file type.


Just like overlays, clicking "Add new" in the backgrounds section of the Layers tab will give you the option to either upload a new background file or browse the available files either from our own template folder or the files already uploaded to this Event.

Event Media

Anytime you add Content to your Studio environment, the Content is stored in the "Studio Media" folder located on your event dashboard. This includes adding pre-recorded audio/video by clicking the "Manage" button and selecting "Event Content" as well as whenever you upload backgrounds or overlays by clicking "Add new" and selecting "Upload a local file". Using the template gallery to add backgrounds and overlays will also add the selected content to the "Studio Media" folder.

Within the backgrounds or overlays template gallery selecting the "Event Media" tab will display all compatible media that has been added to your event. This means that if you drag and drop media into your dashboard in any of your folders, it will appear here and can be easily added to a Studio environment.

Note: Because the "Studio Media" folder is part of your event, Media added to any Studio environment within your event will appear in the "Event Media" tab as well.

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