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Speaker View: Screen sharing
Speaker View: Screen sharing

How to use screen sharing in speaker view

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In Speaker View, you can share your browser tab, a specific window, or your entire screen using the Share Screen button to the far left of the Speaker controls.

Clicking the screen share button will send a request to the Host for approving your screen share. Once approved, speakers will get the button to Start screen share.

Clicking the Start screen share button will bring up the screen share modal which differs depending on the browser you are in.

Note: We highly recommend using Chrome for the optimal experience.

If you're in Chrome, this is the modal that will appear. The tabs across the top allow you to select if you want to share a tab, window, or your whole screen. Then just select the tab, window, or screen that you want to share and click the blue "Share" button at the bottom right.

While you are actively sharing your screen, Speaker View will display what is being shared on a small thumbnail below your video.

To stop sharing your screen, just click the red button that says "Stop sharing". Leaving the Studio session will end the screen share as well.

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