Preparing to be a presenter

  • Shoflo Studio is optimized for Google Chrome

  • Video streams require lots of data but your current ISP should do fine. We recommend hard wiring into your router via ethernet if possible, and if that isn't an option, try to set up your computer near your wifi hotspot.

  • Avoid having light sources behind you. Instead, move the light source in front of you, illuminating your face for the camera. Avoid direct overhead lighting. This will cause unflattering shadows on your face.

  • Please consider your background as this will be on camera along with you. Find a private space and close the door to avoid interruptions from pets, family members, or roommates.

  • Try to keep yourself centered on the camera frame.

  • If you intend to share your screen, we recommend having a second monitor and sharing that screen. This will make it easier to manage what you are sharing and still stay active within Shoflo Studio on your primary screen.

  • If you want to play a video, please share the video files with the Director ahead of the call. Video playback on a screen share will have suboptimal audio and video framerate.

  • Be early, show up at least 10 minutes before the start of your live stream so that you can do an A/V check

Joining as a Presenter

To join into Presenter view, you must be invited into the session by receiving the Presenter invite link. Opening this join link in Google Chrome will display the welcome screen and ask you to provide your name. Then, click "Request access" and wait for the Director to accept your request.

Note: Shoflo Studio is currently optimized for Google Chrome

Readiness checker

In Studio, a Readiness Checker will appear to check the streaming setup. When you hear the test sound, click Yes to confirm your speaker is working, or No to troubleshoot further. To test a screen share, click Start test, then select the screen you want to test. Or click Skip to continue without testing.

Follow these steps to allow access to your device's camera and microphone in Studio.

When all areas have been connected successfully, click Continue. You will then enter a waiting room.

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Camera and Mic setup

After you've made sure that your browser has permission to access your camera and mic (more info here on cam/mic permissions) and the Director has accepted your request to join, you'll enter Presenter View. Enter your name, and title, and adjust the selected camera and microphone as needed, then click Enter.

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Clicking the small arrow to the right of the current device will display a drop-down and let you select a different device. Once the correct devices are selected, click "Save" and you'll be brought into Presenter View.

You can also click on the related articles to get acquainted with different Presenter View settings and controls.

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