There are three total preset time display options for your shows, schedules, and lists inside of Shoflo. Sports customers in particular will really enjoy the new “Clock time” format which we designed to closely resemble a scoreboard countdown clock. Here are the three options:

Preset time

Preset time formats as MMmSSs. This means that for example, a preset time of 90minutes and 30seconds will display in your shows at 90m30s.

Clock time

Clock time formats as MM:SS. This means that a clock time of 90minutes and 30seconds will display as 90:30–just like a court side scoreboard clock would look like!

Six Digit Time

The seasoned veterans of Shoflo might remember this time, which displays as HH:MM:SS. This means that a six digit time of 90minutes and 30seconds will display as 01:30:30.

Here’s how to choose between those options:

Step 1. Open up your show settings menu on your event dashboard

Step 2. Make sure the toggle next to “Item preset times” is toggled green

Step 3. On the dropdown next to it, select your desired format then save your changes. 

Note: that is you desire this columns header to change to Clock then the Clock Time option must be selected here

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