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Preset Time / Clock Time
Preset Time / Clock Time

Everything you need to know about our third timing column. How to use it for your game clock and other uses.

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Enabling the Preset Time column

You can enable the preset time column from the Event Dashboard by hovering over the Rundown, Schedule, or List you wish to add the column to and clicking the pencil icon. You can then enable the column inside of this edit menu.

Preset Column Types

There are three different preset types for this column: Preset Time, Clock Time, & Six Digit Time. They each change the way the remaining time is displayed. The Clock Time variant also changes the column header.Β 

What Does the Preset Column do?

The preset time column is the third smart timing column in Shoflo. Like with Start Time, the preset time is automatically calculated based on the duration and preset time of preceding elements. Conversely to how Start time counts upwards, the preset time columns counts downwards from the total time allotted at the top of the rundown.

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