In Director View, users with an Admin or Showcaller permission can manage the settings for their studio session and also test the live stream by accessing the Live monitor link.

Layout animations

The Layout animations setting allows a smooth transition between layout changes on the live monitor.

If the toggle is turned off, the transition between the layouts is played without any animation and cuts directly from one layout to another.

Auto mute presenters

The presenter mics are automatically unmuted when they are taken live by a scene or directly via their source, and are muted back as soon as they are removed from the live monitor.

This helps in controlling any unwanted disturbances from the background of presenters who are currently not live but have joined the studio session.

It is best to keep the setting toggled off during dry runs/test sessions.

Live monitor link

The live monitor link allows a Studio user to view the live feed of the studio output on a browser.

The link can be copied and shared with a fellow Studio user as well, who would be required to log in to Studio, if not logged in already.

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