Presenter ordering in Studio allows you to choose what order your presenters will appear on the live program output within a given auto-layout.

As presenters are added into your Studio session, you will see them appear in the Presenters under your sources section of the Director view. The order they appear here will determine the order in which they will appear when they are added to the live program.

Note: When using the featured presenter layout, the camera in the first position will always take the featured position.

Changing the Presenter order

There are two ways to change the presenter order, using drag and drop OR using the starred/featured presenter button.

Drag and Drop

To use the drag and drop feature for ordering your presenter, first make sure it's turned on in the Studio settings tab in the right pane of the Director view.

Once it's enabled, you can click and drag presenter cameras into the desired order.

Note: Changing the order this way will not update the order in the live program output until an update to Program occurs. You CAN select the currently active layout to force an update to Program.

Starred/Featured Presenter

The other way to change the order of presenters is using the star icon at the top of each presenter's pip. Clicking the star will immediately move that presenter to the first position in the ordering.

Caution: using this option to order your presenters will also immediately update the presenter order in live program output.

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