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How to hide times in your rundown
How to hide times in your rundown

Read all about how to hide start, preset, and durations in your rundowns

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You can hide times in your rundowns, schedules, and lists on a per-item and per-time basis with just a single click of your mouse.  When you hide a time, it will be hidden for you and all crew members in your rundown, and will also stay hidden in guest pass and your exports.

Note:  hidden times are treated the same as muted times, so for example a hidden duration will not impact the start time of the next row!

Here's how to hide times in your rundowns

  1. First, you need to be either an Admin or Show Caller level permission.

  2. Hover over the time you want to hide and click on the little eyeball icon.  Alternatively, you can double click on the time to open the picker and click on the eyeball icon in the picker.

  3. Your time will now be hidden!  To reveal a hidden time, hover over it and click on the same eyeball icon.  This will bring the time back as well as re-enable its auto-calculation.

Want to bulk hide multiple times at once?  Check out our article HERE that covers that topic!

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