Note: This feature has been deprecated. We recommend the new PDF Export

Advanced Export is a powerful way to control your column order and visibility when exporting to PDF, XLS, or CSV. With advanced export, you can enable or disable any column, as well as re-order the column layout for your export. So if you have a certain way you want your export to layout, you can control that in the export! Want your items all the way to the right in your PDFs and don’t want any timings? Well now you can control all of that with advanced export.

Here’s how to use advanced export

Click on “Advanced Export” in your export menu

In the modal, select either PDF, XLS, or CSV for your export type

Click on Step 2 to set your column visibility and column order

In this step, you can set which columns you want to be visible in your export, as well as their position in the export. Toggling off any column will move it to the bottom of the list of columns, and it won’t be exported. You can also move any column’s position by clicking on the up or down arrow next to the column.

If you chose PDF, click on Step 3 to set your paper size and orientation

You can choose between different paper sizes or between portrait/landscape orientation. Note that this is available for PDF’s only!

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