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How to export your long text and scripts to Word for easier reading 🎤

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Note: Microsoft Word does not support certain characters in the names of Word files so any Shoflo Show files that contain these characters in their name, must be renamed prior to export. ~ " # % & * : < > ? / \ { | }

Word Export is an all new way to export your shows, schedules, and lists to Word documents. We built it to be centered around exporting scripts and PA reads, while also keeping it flexible for general show exporting to a Word document. Word export features a powerful editor that lets you control which columns are exported, as well as set a column to be a “Hero” column which will feature text in a larger font weight–perfect for script reads  

1. In your export dropdown menu in the top right of a Show (cue sheet) at the very bottom above Guest Pass You should see Word Export

2.  Set your column visibility and hero selection

In the modal (wizard) that appears, the left column is the settings column for your export.  The toggle switches to the right determine if the data in that column is included in your export.  The Hero radio selector determines what column has its data set as the hero.  Hero text receives a slightly larger font size, which makes it ideal for script or PA reads.

3.  After clicking download, here’s what your export looks like! 🏆

This feature is currently still in Beta so we are actively taking feedback! Let us know what you think!

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