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Upload Files to Docs

How to upload files to Shoflo's cloud storage.

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Docs is Shoflo’s built-in cloud file storage. Despite its name, Docs is not limited just to document files, but accepts many files types such as images, audio files, and videos. We know that your event likely has supporting files that don’t belong in a cue sheet, but are still needed for your crew’s reference. Our users often include documents like stage renderings, seating layouts, contracts, directions or other supporting files like audio, video or graphics files.

Docs are saved on an event level. Any files that are uploaded will only be visible to crew members on that specific event and not to any other events. Any files that are uploaded will be accessible to all users on that event, including those with read-only permissions.

In order to upload a file to an event, you must have either the Admin or ShowCaller crew permission. There are several ways to upload files, the easiest way is to simply click and drag your file onto the event dashboard. You can also upload files using the "Create New" button and selecting "File Upload" and then choosing the files you want uploaded. You can upload as many files as you'd like with a maximum file size limit of 1GB.

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