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Security 101: Event Crew Permissions
Security 101: Event Crew Permissions

Here is a great overview of user permissions and how to limit a user's access & editing capabilities for an event.

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Event crew permissions are an excellent way to share limited options in Shoflo to your crew, client, vendors etc.Β 

While in your event you can quickly locate your event crew in the left navigation bar.Β 

Next, just click the permission dropdown menu to the right of the crew member under "Permission" column.Β 

Once you select the new permission it is automatically saved in real time.Β 

Permission Breakdown

Event crew can be assigned either Showcaller, Event Admin, Contributor, or Read only for an event.Β 

Read Only – Can only change things that affect their personal views. This includes the private notes column, column ordering and personal highlights.

Contributor – Same as Read Only, but can also edit cells within department columns.

Admin – Full permissions. Can edit all cells. Can add, delete or re-size rows and columns. They can edit overall event settings, manage crew, create new Rundowns, Schedules, and Lists and upload files to Docs.

Show Caller – Same as Admin, but they can also be tracked by other users in real time as they move from cue to cue.

Here is a more detailed breakdown on features:Β 

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