Cut, Copy, Paste Cells

How to bulk cut, copy, paste cells throughout rundowns, schedules and lists

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When selecting cells for bulk formatting, the range must be square/rectangular, and all cells selected must be touching each other.

How to select cells for multi/bulk cell cut, copy, paste:

  1. Select the first cell that you want to format.  The selection state is active when the cell has a blue border.

  2. Next, there’s two ways to select a range: Hold the SHIFT key, and then use the Arrow Up/Right/Down/Left to select cells in that direction Or, hold down the SHIFT key, and then select the last cell in the range you want to selected.  This will select all cells in the range between those two selected cells.

  3. Once you have all of the cells selected, you can choose from the formatting options at the top of the screen or use our formatting hotkeys…

  4. Protip:  You can also use the shortcut CMD + A (CTRL + A) to select all cells in your rundown

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