Bulk Font Formatting

Quickly apply bulk font colors, background cell colors to multiple cells or columns at once.

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Single and multi (bulk) cell font formatting is a simple yet fast way to quickly make edits to your rundowns, schedules, and lists. You can select a broad range of cells and quickly adjust font size, bold or italicize your text, and choose from different font and cell background colors.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Increase Font Size:   SHIFT + CMD + =

  • Decrease Font Size:   SHIFT + CMD + –

  • Bold:  CMD + B

  • Italics:  CMD + I

  • Toggle Through Cell BG Colors:  SHIFT + CMD + ;

  • Toggle Through Cell Text Colors:  SHIFT + CMD + ‘


  • Increase Font Size:  SHIFT +  CTRL + =

  • Decrease Font Size:  SHIFT + CTRL + –

  • Bold:  CTRL + B

  • Italics:  CTRL + I

  • Toggle Through Cell BG Colors:  SHIFT + CTRL + ;

  • Toggle Through Cell Text Colors:  SHIFT + CTRL + ‘

Bulk clear formatting

Much like applying formatting to multiple cells, you can also clear formatting on multiple cells as well.

  • Select the cells whose contents you’d like to delete

  • Click the eraser icon from the top of the screen to clear all formatting in the selected cells

Quick Tips Bulk Formatting Video 🎥

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