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Everything you need to know about folders πŸ—‚ and organizing your content within Shoflo.

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Event folders is your tool for easily organizing rundowns, breakout sessions, schedules, and event files like PDFs, keynotes etc. In this article we'll cover everything you'll need to get started.

Creating a folder

  • Navigate to your event dashboard and click "Create new" and select "Folder"

  • Next, put the name of the folder and a folder description (not required)

Organizing your files

Click, drag and drop the rundown, schedule, lists or docs into the new folder. You can also select multiple by holding CMD(mac) or CTRL (PC).

Drag & Drop directly into the folder up in the file tree

You can also nest folders and drag and drop files from within a folder out into it's parent folder by dragging files into the name of the parent folder or home within the breadcrumb list above the file table.

Have any feedback on folders? Let us know! We are always trying to improve 😊.

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